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We are introducing the Construction Team, a construction company of Akeso holding.

Today's Construction Team began to form in 2008. At a time of privatization of Hořovice Hospital and Beroun Hospital began to outline the contours of our current company. When you look at the photos of both hospitals from that time and now, you can best see what the tasks were in front of the team at that time from a construction point of view.

It was then that a specialized internal team was formed, in 2008 as part of Multiscan, precisely for the needs of reconstruction and expansion of both facilities, so that in the future it could meet the most demanding requirements for 21st century healthcare.

As the current development, engineering and construction company Contruction Team s.r.o. has been operating since 2017 and is an integral part of the AKESO medical holding.


Construction of the Beroun Mental Rehabilitation Center

2019 - now

The largest ongoing project is the construction of the Mental Rehabilitation Center in Beroun. As part of the project, which was officially launched in 2019, a modern psychiatric and psychological care center with 250 beds will be created. The investment will reach 1 billion czech crowns.

Reconstruction and completion of the Hořovice Hospital

2020 - now

The expansion of the hospital to almost double the capacity will involve two new wings. The hospital will be expanded with a new central reception, operating rooms and bed capacity.

Construction of housing units for employees of the Hořovice Hospital

2018 - now

Dozens of new modern flats are growing in Hořovice. These will be intended for employees of the Hořovice Hospital. The apartments are in the immediate vicinity of the hospital.



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Reconstruction of the Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital and construction of the Rehabilitation Center pavilion

2008 - now

Reconstruction of the Beroun hospital and completion of new operations have been going on from 2008 to the present. Among the most extensive projects, in addition to complete reconstructions of medical facilities and technical equipment, is the construction of a new pavilion of the Rehabilitation Center in Beroun, which was inaugurated in 2015.



Reconstruction and extension of the Hořovice Hospital

2017 - 2018

As in the case of the Beroun Hospital, the Hořovice Hospital has undergone extensive reconstruction since its privatization in order to provide patients with care at the level of the 21st century. The whole building underwent reconstruction: facilities for employees, dining room, all reception rooms, ambulance and department.

Extension for the Department of After-Intensive Care

2017 - 2018

A completely new pavilion with 13 boxes, special air conditioning was created on the basis of expert recommendations, but also according to the specific requirements and experience of doctors and nurses with the strictest hygiene regime. In the middle of the building there is a central control room, from which it is possible to monitor all 13 rooms.

Construction of a building for a children's group in the Hořovice Hospital

2018 - 2019

The architecturally unique building in the hospital complex was created between 2018 and 2019. The premises are intended for preschool children of employees.

Reconstruction of the U Sluneční brány Maternity Hospital


The reconstruction was started due to the increase in the capacity of the maternity rooms from the existing three to four maternity wards.

Multiscan Clinical Oncology Pavilion in Pardubice


Since the end of 2019, the comprehensive oncology center of the Pardubice Region has boasted a new pavilion of clinical oncology, which was built and equipped by ours. In addition to doctors outpatient clinics, patients of the center will also find a day hospital for the application of oncological preparations in a state-of-the-art and comfortably equipped facility.





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In the Construction Team, we managed to concentrate our know-how in the field of development and construction of our hospital facilities. Today's team is one of the top experts in this field, who help us fulfill our plans to have European-level hospitals in the Czech Republic.

Ing. Sotirios Zavalianis

executive director


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